Bye, TextExpander!

I love TextExpander. It’s one of the first app that I install whenever I got a new Mac. I even bought a family license even though I’m using it as a single user to support Smile for making such an awesome product. I was never a TextExpander power-user and probably used the fill-in feature once but it saved me a lot of time and a ton of headache when I did. 

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Not all Netflix are equal

Update: sorry folks, accessing US Netflix or any other Netflix from other region is no longer supported by my chosen service, PlaymoTV and other DNS/VPN services. Since Netflix started getting serious about blocking access since they launch globally it is nearly impossible for DNS/VPN services to offer Netflix. Thankfully there are other streaming services besides Netflix, I now enjoy streaming Hulu, HBO, and Filmstruck on my AppleTV with PlaymoTV in addition to Netflix Philippines. Hit them up, they offer 30-day free trial. Signing up for the services still works just by changing your local credit card Zip code to any US zip code (google some other zip code besides 902010 :p)

Netflix announced today at CES that they are now available globally with the exception of China, North Korea, Crimea and Syria. Their subscription plans are roughly the same as the plans in the US, $9.99 gets you to watch on two HD screens simultaneously and $11.99 for 4 screens and Ultra HD.

But not all Netflix are created equal. Each country’s version has different film and TV series listings. Like for Netflix Philippines, we have relatively new movies like Pacific Rim, Gravity, Argo. Netflix US don't have these yet.

Netflix Philippines, however, don't have access yet to Disney Animation, Pixar and one of Netflix very own show, House of Cards (the distribution rights is probably owned by a local cable channel). We don't have one of the biggest shows on earth like X-Files, Lost, Breaking Bad (we have Better Call Saul), Attack on Titan, MadMen, The Walking Dead, Twilight Zone, Battlestar Galactica, etc. Your only hope of accessing this shows is by having access to all the different Netflix region. We only have one movie from Wes Anderson (shocking!).

If you still want to be able to access Netflix from the US (more Bristish shows, UK (more US shows), Canada (newer movies), France (they have Downtown Abbey) or Japan (Japanese shows) better to keep your VPN or DNS account like Playmo. Playmo lets you have access to different region of Netflix for just $4.99 a month. They offer 7-day trial.

I’m still going to keep my Playmo account so I can have access to different regions of Netflix. I still have two more season of X-Files to finish. Binge on!