Bye, TextExpander!

I love TextExpander. It’s one of the first app that I install whenever I got a new Mac. I even bought a family license even though I’m using it as a single user to support Smile for making such an awesome product. I was never a TextExpander power-user and probably used the fill-in feature a few rarely but when I do it saved me a ton of headache.

Once I heard of version 6, I was happy and excited. I was ready to upgrade (if budget permits) to the latest version regardless if the new feature is useful for me or not. But seeing that it is now a subscription-only service, I was dismayed. The latest version for single user allows synching to their own server and easy sharing of snippets. The problem is: syncing my snippets thru Dropbox works fine for me. I also do not share my snippets to anyone. It seems that this new version was built for team but no clear benefit for individual users like myself.

My reason for not upgrading to the new version is slightly different from other users but I am in total agreement with TJ Luoma regarding their new business model.

I don’t see anything that I really need in TextExpander version 6. I’m not using it with a “team” and my family members probably have no interest in sharing a group of text snippets with me. Yes, I realize that Smile made their own syncing service, but I have used iCloud, Dropbox, and BitTorrent Sync, and they work fine for TextExpander. Creating their own syncing service was solving a problem that I didn’t have.

Dr. Drang’s also share my sentiments.

Snippets as a Service™. Now I’m being asked to pay more, and continuously, to subscribe to a utility that does less than another utility I already own.

I don't see TextExpander as a service. For me its a utility. It’s different from Adobe, who I’m paying PhP405 (roughly $8) a month for Photoshop+Lightroom (its the cheapest option) because they have a total monopoly of our industry. It’s not the same as Backblaze that stores my backup and ensures I still have them just in case I lost my laptop. Compare it to iCloud which I’m happy to pay $2.99 a month for 200GB storage to handle my iOS backup, documents and photos. These are services that made sense for me to keep paying for subscription. I don't want another service that I need to pay monthly or annually especially an app that I used everyday. I am trying to do away with Adobe, the only thing that made me sign up for it is that their are clients that still insist I worked on Photoshop. I’ve already moved to Pixelmator, Affinity Designer and Sketch for my personal projects and for some projects that would permit it. What if by the time I need to renew my subscription to TextExpander next year, I’m out of job or budget. Will they still let me access my snippets? Probably not.

Right now, I’m having financial problem due to medical expenses. I’m happy to upgrade to the latest TextExpander as an app, not as a service. I can't afford it now, but probably next week or next month. That’s what’s good about the upgrade mill, I’m not forced to upgrade to the latest, it gives me enough time to come up with a budget. Not everyone has a $5 a month lying around. I want to be able to use a tool that I can rely on especially on times that I can't afford to buy the latest update.

For me, the question is not about cost. They can change it to $1-2 a month and I still won't sign up. For me, it’s all about reliability and security on my end. That when I go broke, I can still rely on the tools I used. I understand completely their need to sustain their business. But for me, there is no clear benefit. Today, they have lost me.

So it is with a heavy heart that I have to say goodbye to TextExpander. I think it is time for me to move on and embrace an alternative app.

Goodbye TextExpander. Thanks for the great memories and I wish you good luck.